Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Shocking results from MR-removed video of CHI CHI’s performance ?

It hasn’t been that long since 7-member girl group CHI CHI made their debut with ”Don’t Play Around“, but unfortunately, they’re already tasting the bitter backlash of Fame.
An MR-removed video of theirs is quickly making rounds on numerous Korean community boards, and while MR-removed videos usually showcase an artist’s strengths, in this case, it exposed their weaknesses.
Judging from the sounds from the video, it’s obvious that most of the girls were lip-syncing on stage. Normally, many groups rely on a pre-recorded track to help them control the pitch and pace of their performances. However, pockets of silence throughout their live revealed that most of the girls were barely singing at all, and that they were relying on their background music to mask the act. Those who did sing were terribly off-key, or delivered half of their lines.

 Image: Sport Korea
Tip: Amy
via: allkpop

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