Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

top 501 Chart Kpop (09 agustus-15 agustus 2010

1. Miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl)
2. Taeyang Ft. G Dragon (I Need A Girl)
3. Narsha (Bbi Ri Bba Bba)
4. MC Mong Ft. Mellow (Hurt To The Extent Of Death)
5. Son Dam Bi (Queen)
6. se7en (Better Together)
7. Ft. Yong Jun Hyung Beast (I'll Back Off So Live Well)
8. SHINee (Lucifer)
9. Park Jae Bum (Will You Believe Me?)
10. Park Myung Soo Ft. Nicole Kara (Whale)

11. 4minute (I My Me Mine)
12. Kan Mi Youn Ft. MBLAQ Mir (Go Crazy)
13. Super Junior (No Other)
14. Chae Yeon (Look Look Look)
15. Baek Ji Young (When Time Passes)
16. Sistar (Push Push)
17. IU Ft. 2AM Seul Ong (Nagging)
18. Supreme Team (Ding Dong)
19. Infinite (Come Back Again)
20. Jo Kwon (Day Of Confession)

21. One Two (Very Good)
22. Monday Kiz & V.O.S (Going Crazy)
23. Lee Seung Chul (That Person)
24. Hwan Hee (I'll Hurt More)
25. T.O.P (Turn It Up)
26. Orange Caramel (Magic Girl)
27. December (Came Alone)
28. CNBlue (Love)
29. Jang Yoon Jung (Will You Come)
30. Seo Tai Ji (And That)

31. Homme (Eat Well)
32. Lee Seung Hwan (Perfect Memory)
33. DJ DOC (I'm This Kind of Person)
34. Big Mama (Absolutely)
35. Hot Patato (Confession)
36. SS501 (Let Me Be The One)
37. Brown Eyed Soul (Can't Stop Lovin' You)
38. Rottyful Sky (No Way)
39. T.O.A (Because I Love You More)
40. Cult Two (I Love You)

41. Wonder Girls (2 Different Tears)
42. Seo In Young (Write Love And Call It Pain)
43. f(x) (Nu Abo)
44. Gil Me ft. K.Will (Sorry for Loving You)
45. Shin Hye Sung (Ex-Mind)
46. Norazo (Curry)
47. KCM (Love You to the Extent of Death)
48. Teen Top (Clap)
49. Kim Yeo Hee (My Song)
50. Joosuc (Pop N Drop)

Source: soompi,, KLI 2

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