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Additional photos of miss A, SECRET, SISTAR, and more in wedding dresses

miss A, SECRET, Chae Yeon, Moon Ji Eun, SISTAR and many other stars recently competed for the chance to be on the cover for wedding magazine, ‘Wedding 21′.
Sports Hankooki was on the set of variety show ‘Bouquet‘ to take exclusive photos of the ladies in their wedding dresses. Check them out below!

The best wedding battle was between the gorgeous members of miss A and SISTAr, who all wore luxurious wedding dresses and flaunted their beauty for the camera.

miss A’s Min, who claimed to follow in the comedic footsteps of ‘Kkab Kwon’, showcased her active character once again through ‘Bouquet’. She shocked the audience and cast members as she gave a sudden kiss to the guest model, Kim Young Kwang.

To become the best bride, many of the girls didn’t hesitate to show off the best of their corny and cheesy sides for their proposal. Responding to this, MC Kim Yong Man’s fingers and toes curled up automatically in awkwardness.

<”Please call me the ‘Cold Urban City Man’!>
The potential groomsmen also battled amongst one another to try and steal the hearts of the ladies.

<”The bouquet’s mine!”>
There were 10 potential brides in total, but only one bouquet! Who caught the bouquet? Find out on the upcoming episode of ‘Bouquet!’

<”Please marry me~”>
The oldest of the brides was singer Chae Yeon. She displayed her mature charms by performing a hot dance for Kim Young Kwan, but eventually got tired and went back to her seat. It seems Chaeyeon’s body couldn’t keep up with her heart.

<”The selca must be pretty too!”>
SECRET’s Sunhwa suggested to her fiancé that they should take a photo together using her Polaroid. Kim Young Kwang looked alarmed at seeing his ‘fiancétaking a selca by herself with her enormous rabbit head decoration.

Source: Sports Hankooki
via: allkpop

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