Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Secret's Hyosung is satisfied with her body

Hyosung isn't as thin as most female idols are, and in some variety shows, MCs have jokingly commented that Zinger and Hyosung seem to weigh a lot more than their group mates Sunhwa and Jieun. However, in an interview, she has commented that she is content with how she looks. Fans call her body type "Volume Body" because of her glamorous body line and firm legs.

She said, "I personally don't like too thin of a body type. I like healthy body styles, so I'm content with my body type. I'm thankful to my parents. I don't really diet to stay fit. If you practice 10 hours a day, it naturally becomes exercise. I'm just glad fans like it."

What do you think of her body type?

Source: Sports Donga

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