Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng @ Showtime

MCs: Please welcome Kyu Jong and Young Saeng!
Female MC: Welcome to showtime
Male MC: And we have an interpreter. Welcome to showtime.
Female MC: Hello! Welcome to showtime. you have so many fans here, would you like to greet them?
Kyu Jong and Young Saeng: Mabuhay! Kamusta? (Long Live. How are you?)
Female MC: How do you find the philippines so far?
Young Saeng: It’s first time in the philippines. i like the filipina and i find them very beautiful.
Male MC: Oh ladies, he said that you’re beautiful.
Female MC: And of course, would you invite them to watch your concert.
Kyu Jong: we’ve been preparing a lot for the fan meeting, it’s in PICC tomorrow evening and we’re hoping that a lot of fans and people will come.
Female MC: There you have it…february 5 tomorrow on PICC. can they count on your presence tomorrow?
Audience: Yes! (Scream)
Female MC: Of Course!
Male MC: Okay again, Thank you so much guys.
Audience: SAMPLE! SAMPLE! SAMPLE! (the fans want to hear the guys to sing even just a little.)
Male MC: The sample will be on the concert.
Female MC: Tomorrow at the concert.
(Both MC called “Ryan Bang” a korean judge in the talent show)
Male MC: Ryan! Ryan come here!, we have a korean judge here.
Female MC: He’s also a korean.
Ryan Bang: Hello! Annyeonghaseyo! Mabuhay kayo! (Long Live for both of you)
Male MC: Talk to them in korean.
Ryan Bang: Ang gwapo mo tol (You’re handsome dude!)
Female MC: Okay thank so much. kamsahamnida. thank you.
Male MC: Thank you so much.
Female MC: They’ll be back tomorrow at the PICC. thank you so much! kamsahamnida.

Credit: YoungSaengPrincezz @ YT

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