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2011 prepares for a flood of new girl group debuts

The year 2010 was a busy year for girl groups, regardless of whether they were seniors or rookies. SNSD, 2NE1, and KARA maintained their high popularity, while newbie groups miss A, SISTAR, and Secret managed to shine strong amidst the rush of girl groups that permeated the industry this year.
miss A especially has done exceptionally well, earning the ‘Song of the Year Award,’ ‘Female Rookie Award,’ and ‘Best Female Performance Group’ at the “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards.” The group also went on to receive the ‘Digital Bonsang at the “25th Golden Disk Awards.” SISTAR and Secret both earned rookie awards at the “Golden Disk” as well.
Yet as the year draws to a close, it appears that there’s a whole slew of girl groups waiting to debut in the new year. Many industry representatives are preparing themselves for the ‘girl group rush of 2011.’
The most anticipated group has been identified as six-member group Sweet Shabet, who recently released their album jacket pictures in anticipation for their debut in January. In Japan, they’ve been compared to senior group SNSD for their long and beautiful legs. Sweet Shabet has accumulated so much focus because they are the brainchild of E-TRIBE, the producers behind SNSD, Super Junior, Lee Hyori, T-ara, MBLAQ and many others.
Cube Entertainment, home to 4minute and B2ST, is also preparing to debut a seven-member girl group in January. The group consists of high school students, and has an average age of 18. Although further details of the members haven’t been revealed yet, Cube Entertainment explained that each of the members has the talent to sing live and dance at the same time. A representative revealed, “Our new girl group will be unique from the others in that their music style will be much like music from the last half of the 1990’s to the early 2000’s.”
Top Class Entertainment, home to Shinhwa’s Eric, will also be releasing a new girl group featuring the ‘kukak girl’ Kim Ga Young (from a segment on “1 Night 2 Days“) and Lee Seul, who already debuted in 2010 under ‘Honey Dew‘ with the digital single, “Like a Fool.”
Core Contents Media meanwhile has completed the final preparations for their new girl group to be debuted in May. Representatives revealed, “The group consists of five members, and as there is still much time left before their debut, we feel that it is too early to reveal who they are. We still have to decide on the group name and such. Two of them have exceptional singing skills and beauty and were previous actresses.
The members are also said to be in their 20’s and are aiming to attract a fanbase of similar age. “They’re not lacking in any aspect compared to other girl groups.”
Source: SPN via Nate
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