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[News] SS501 Park Jung Min to hold fan-meeting in Japan, officially starting his solo activity [15.12.10]

Source: tvdaily.co.kr
Chinese translation: 镜子 @No.43Park (www.parkjungmin.com.cn)
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com
Please repost with full credits.
SS501 member Park Jung Min will be holding a fan-meeting in Japan to kick start his solo activity.
Park Jung Min will be holding a fan-meeting on the 22nd and 23rd in Japan Osaka and Tokyo respectively. He will sing some hit songs in Japanese during this fan-meeting, and also will interact with fans through games.
Not only that, Jung Min will also be releasing his solo photobook. In this photobook, Park Jung Min revealed stories whom people does not know, displaying different image from the past.
And also on the press conference on the 17th September, Park Jung Min expressed that he wants to be ‘The Most cuddable Male Artist’, ‘The man who is unable to forget after a hug’, that’s why fans are anticipating on upon being to interact with him during this fan-meeting.
via: rainaftershine.wordpress.com

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