Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

IU and Jung Yeob to sing Christmas carol for ‘A Concert for Beautiful People’

Singers IU and Jung Yeob are scheduled to participate in a collab for a Christmas special coming this December 18th during MBC’s ‘A Concert for Beautiful People’.
The two harmonized perfectly during the recording of their performance for ‘Blessings on Christmas‘, which was complemented by the delicate sounds of a full 50-membered chamber orchestra, and expectations are unsurprisingly very high.
Some spectators in the audience expressed, “It is a really special Christmas carol,” “Their voices both sound really sweet and well-suited,” and “It felt like a dream, listening to a duet with two of the best singers.”
IU’s performance of her album track “Merry Christmas in Advanced” is also set to be broadcast on the show.
Source: Sports Today

via: allkpop

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