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[News] HyunJoong, Explosive Response from Japanese Fans as SS501 Leader Still [14.12.10]

Credits : OSEN + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Despite group SS501 members have all moved to various other agencies separately and starting on their individual activities, the Japanese fans are still chanting Kim HyunJoong as the leader of SS501.
On 14-Dec, 4pm at Tokyo Dom City JCB Hall, the official photo session started. Shu-I, D-NA, Tomuro Tetsuya, GACKT, VANNESS, Kim HyunJoong, Joe Cheng, HwanHee, Bae YongJoon were there for the photo taking.
Only 630 fans were chosen by drawing lots to attend this event and 200 reporters from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asia countries came to report on this event.
At the official photo session, Kim HyunJoong said in Japanese ‘Hello. I am Kim HyunJoong. Seeking for your support.’ He said and put on a bright smile.
Every time Kim HyunJoong appears on stage, the Japanese fans will shout ‘leader’ (meaning SS501′s leader) and chant cheers for Kim HyunJoong. Besides that, Kim HyunJoong nodded slightly and smiled towards his fans while saying his thanks.
Kim HyunJoong came in a comfortable and casual style, wearing matching black jeans with black coat and black vest.
Later from 6pm onwards is the public recording of charity event program ‘Message! To Asia’ (planned to be broadcasted on 2010-01-10), held at Tokyo Dome and broadcasted through Channel DATV which specializes in broadcasting Asia Entertainment Contents,
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