Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010


i hope i'm not an annoying girl -..-
hehe ..
how is your day ?
my day is same like yesterday :D
*in an original word , it's boring*
yah ~ i know actually , i have to be happy :P
because today is 5th Anniversary for Triple S
*NB: i'm a new Triple S .. if i'm not false , i'm 1 year and 2 months old for a triple s age *?* *
kkk ^^ i'm so happy when i just opened my laptop and signed in to twitter ~
there's a trending *and it's still trending until now!* #5yearsTripleS
yeay ~ my family*triple s* are trending !! ^^
you will know someday why i really love trending session
in that time, you can see how is your fandom actually and see your fandom*or your family* support your idols ~
for me , Triple S isn't just a fandom ..
it's a big family * Kiss Me is a part of Triple S' family too !! same like prismatic and kamilia*
UKISS501 ^^

happy 5th anniversary for all Triple S :)
btw , good night for you all ^^
send you a kiss from here :D

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