Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Lee Seung Gi reveals his favorite kiss type on SBS’ “Strong Heart”

On the December 14th broadcast of SBS’ “Strong Heart,” Lee Seung Gi revealed his favorite type of kiss.
When fellow MC Kang Ho Dong asked Lee Seung Gi about his personal favorite kiss type, he surprised everyone on set when he responded, “I like surprise kisses. Unexpectedness is not a weird thing. I think it would be nice if a guy drops his girlfriend off near the elevator, says goodbye, and then rushes up the stairs to surprise the girlfriend with a kiss once the elevator door opens.”
However, the female guests on the show advised Lee Seung Gi that such behavior could be quite burdensome if he has to go up a long flight of stairs which drew laughter from everyone on the set.
Source + photo: Nate

via: allkpop

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