Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Winners of the “2010 Melon Music Awards” were accidentally revealed before the show

The ”2010 Melon Music Awards“, held on December 15th, has become embroiled in a controversy over sloppy data organization and management.
The homepage for the ceremony accidentally revealed all of the winners before the ceremony took place, through the opening of a separate page titled, ‘View the Winners of the Awards.’
The page was immediately taken down by “MMA” representatives and was later deleted. Unfortunately, netizens that were visiting the homepage prior to this action had already made screenshots of the winners’ page, and spread it through various community sites, making the entire event anti-climatic for those who had waited for it.
Representatives of the “MMA” admitted their mistake to Star News on December 16th, and revealed that the winners were already decided on December 14th.
This leads to the second issue many have against the “MMA” organizers.
The ’2010 Netizen Popularity Battle Award’ was meant to be decided 100% by poll points, which included online votes plus ARS texting votes through the ‘MBC Plus’ channel. However, other channels – such as ‘MBC Every1‘ - began broadcasting headlines asking viewers to send in their ARS texts while the “MMA” was actually running.
Fans were outraged over this, since the artist that was promised his or her win the day before could have been stripped of their award by the extra ARS text votes taken in on the day of the ceremony.
The representatives of “MMA” stated, “We’ll find out details about what happened,” with regards to the “2010 Netizen Popularity Battle Award” mess.
Source + Photos: Star News via Nate
via: allkpop

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