Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

T-ara cries during their goodbye air crew party on “T-ara Dream Girls”

During the recording of the last episode of the ‘International Air Crew Challenge’ segment on “T-ara Dream Girls“, T-ara broke down in tears as the last successful candidate was revealed.
For this challenge, T-ara received water emergency response training, English lessons, customer relationship skills training, and paragliding training. After making clumsy mistakes in every episode, the members expressed, “After directly having a try at it, it is most definitely not an easy job to do. Those in this workforce are admirable.”
The members became attached to their mentors, who helped them and took care of them during the tough training these past two months, and couldn’t help but cry during the goodbye party with their sunbaes.
Their air flight sunbaes expressed, “At the beginning, we were worried that the unprepared T-ara members would think lightly of life as part of an air crew. We were moved when we saw T-ara change and saw them passionately working hard.”
They continued, “We hope this was an opportunity for them to understand a different life to theirs, and hope that through this, their mind for taking care of others will have expanded. We will always be supporting T-ara and they can always call us to buy them food.”
Many viewers have been anticipating the results of who the last standing air crew candidate would be. “They made lots of mistakes, but having received English lessons from John Park, they all took the air crew test enthusiastically and the members are looking forward to the results,” stated the producer.
The episode is set to broadcast on the evening of December 15th.
Source: Newsen via Nate
via: allkpop

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