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Big Bang’s Daesung gets a touching thank you letter for his hospital visit

Previously, allkpop reported on a heartbreaking story about a father’s plea for his sick daughter to Big Bang’s Daesung.  As it turned out, in a touching act of charity, both Jinusean’s Sean and Big Bang’s Daesung rushed over to the hospital where the sick girl was staying and visited her to lift her spirits.
As a result of their kindness, the father posted a thank you letter to all those involved, including an update on his daughter’s status.
It’s a late night.
This afternoon was an extremely touching day.
Big Bang’s Daesung and Jinusean’s Sean visited my daughter’s hospital room.
When I first wrote this post the moderators of this site sent me a text that gave me hope on that night.
It said ‘I will try my hardest to make sure that Jung Eun’s wish is granted’.
A lot of netizens sent supporting words to my email.
I sincerely thank every single netizen for doing so much to help someone whose face you don’t know.
In the morning the doctor in charge of Jung Eun made his round of visits and my wife asked about her being discharged from hospital.
The doctor said ‘It’s not possible’, ‘Jung Eun’s white blood cell count is 90,000′, ‘If it goes over 100,000 it will spread to her brain and she’ll struggle through pain’.
My wife told the doctor that Jung Eun wanted to see her family and asked if she could at least have a family meeting, and the doctor said he’d leave it up to the nurse.
This happened today in the morning.
It was a really pitiful situation where all I could do was watch my young daughter who had no hope suffer through pain.
When I first left a post on this site it was because all I could do was let her go.
However at around lunch time my wife received a call giving notice of Daesung’s visit and we decided to keep it a secret from Jung Eun.
But we thought Jung Eun might be embarrassed with having no hair in front of Daesung who she likes so much so we just told her to wear a wig.
I didn’t get to see Jinusean’s Sean, Daesung and his manager visit her hospital room.
However Jung Eun said she was so happy that she was shaking and couldn’t ask Daesung any questions.
She talked about the time she went with her mother to his concert that opened at the Olympic Park, and when she said that she was so far away that she couldn’t see well, Daesung promised that he’d make sure that she’d be able to watch from VIP seats at Big Bang’s concert on next year February.
When I was on the bus leaving for Seoul I received a call from Jung Eun.
Daughter: ‘Dad~~ It’s me~’
Me: ‘Ah my daughter’
Daughter: ‘Are you on your way here?~’
Me: ‘Yep’
Daughter: ‘Come quickly I love you Dad~’
Me: ‘Daddy loves you too Jung Eun’
It’s been so long since I’ve heard such a bright voice from her and I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve heard her say ‘I love you dad~’.
When I arrived at her hospital room Jung Eun was smiling.
As she watched me eating dinner next to her bed she said ‘Dad~ Eat lots~’ and gave me a bright smile.
Apart from when she was struggling with a fever between 7 and 8 in the night, she kept chattering into the night until 11pm.
She said that she was so excited that she doesn’t think she could sleep tonight and that she wanted to kiss me but since she can’t she just mimicked a kissing motion instead.
But I still saw water in my child’s eyes.
I told my daughter: ‘Your white blood cell count will probably plummet tomorrow’
My daughter replied ‘Yeah~’.
‘Your immune system will probably get better as well’.
She replied ‘Of course’ and smiled brightly.
I’m planning on seeing a cancer specialist early tomorrow to discuss more treatment for Jung Eun.
No matter how much I decide to let her go, in one corner of my heart I can’t let Jung Eun go.
I keep crying.
Apart from the first time my daughter received chemotherapy, she hasn’t shown a single tear to this day.
Thank you.
To all the people that gave your attention and support I sincerely thank you.
And to Jinusean’s Sean I want to say that you were December’s Santa.
And to Daesung, Jung Eun was so thankful that she told her mother that ‘I can get better’ and strongly disagreed with the words that I wrote about it being her ‘final wish’ and I want to thank him for giving her a renewed hope.
I gather up all my courage to say this.
Please give Jung Eun seeds of a miracle.
Please leave Jung Eun messages of hope
So that even through simple messages a miracle may truly happen …………… 010-3193-8482 [Jung Eun's phone number]
Jung Eun now certainly has the support of millions of people who are hoping that she pulls through.  We all wish her the best, and it was great of Daesung and Sean to do this for the girl.  Truly a class act.
Thanks to forum member Flibbertigibbet for once again providing all of us in the 6Theory Media community with the translations and updates.
Source: DC Inside
via: allkpop

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