Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Top 50 Chart KPop...!!!! (13 Desember - 19 Desember'10

1. KARA (Jumping)
2. Beast (Beautiful)
3. SNSD (Hoot)
4. Orange Caramel (Aing)
5. Huh Gak (Whenever)
6. Taeyeon SNSD & The One (Like A Star)
7. Psy (Right Now)
8. 2AM (You Wouldn't Answer My Call)
9. SG Wannabe (Sunflower)
10. Brown Eyed Soul (If It's The Same)

11. Cho Moon Geun (Something Like You)
12. Yurisangja (Break Up)
13. MC The Max Ft. Boo Hwal (I Love You)
14. KCM (Love Bear)
15. Gavy NJ (Pick Up The Phone)
16. Gummy & Bobby Kim (Love Recipe)
17. 2PM (I'll Be Back)
18. 2NE1 (Slow)
19. Yoon Jong Shin (Breakup's Temperature)
20. Buzz Ft. Venny (Don't Like Woman)

21. VNT (Sound) 
22. Baek Ji Young (That Woman) 
23. S.M The Ballad (Miss You) 
24. Gummy (Love You Even If I Die) 
25. F.Cuz (Midnight Sun) 
26. Bye Bye Sea (My Heart Is Telling) 
27. Supreme Team & Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul) (Then Then Then) 
28. Oh Won Bin (Love You, Love You Again) 
29. Kim Bum Soo (Appear) 
30. Park Jung Hyun (You Mean Everything To Me)

31. D. Heaven (Like Strangers) 
32. December (Blinding Tears) 
33. 2Face (Oppa is Sorry) 
34. Park Bo Ram (When Time Passes By) 
35. Jung Sul Gi (How Do We Not Run Into Each Other Even Once) 
36. Kim Bo Kyung (Because Of You)
37. Suki (No, Heart) 
38. Sistar (How Dare You) 
39. Jang Jae In (If I Stand Under the Shadows of the Roadside Trees)
40. Lee Juck (With You) 

41. Drama & Yoo Sup (First Snow and First Kiss) 
42. Miss A (Breathe)
43. Kang Seung Yoon (Instinctive) 
44. Shin Seung Hoon (You Are So Beautiful)
45. Brocolli You Too (Graduation) 
46. Seo In Kook (Take)
47. Kim Ji Soo (Erasing You) 
48. John Park (In The Rain) 
49. Lee Jung ft. Leessang (To Be Break Up) 
50. San E (Love Sick)

Source: soompi

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