Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Harang posts her childhood photos, reflects on her decision to leave Jewelry

Former Jewelry member Harang released a couple of childhood photos recently, and with it, some stories about her days as a child actor and her decision to leave her group.
Reminiscing on her homepage, Harang wrote, “In 1994, I saw an acting school in the newspaper and after throwing tantrums, was able to drag my mother there. That’s how Harang started her acting career.”
Harang also touched on her time with Jewelry: “I had a good time performing with Jewelry as a singer, but I really wanted to act. I didn’t renew my contract with the group because I wanted to officially work as an actor. That’s how much I hungered to act.”
She wrapped up the post by promising to work hard in the future. Harang also released her first solo album in 5 years titled “Standing Alone“, and is performing in various musicals.

Source + Photo: Newsen

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