Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

B2ST’s Ki Kwang creates a Me2day account

Currently filming for the MBC drama, “My Princess“, B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang decided to commemorate his first episode appearance by opening a Me2day account!
On January 14th, Ki Kwang cheerfully greeted his fans with, “Hi. This is B2ST’s Ki Kwang ^_^! ㅋ I opened a Me2day account. Please come visit a lot.” The idol singer also wrote, “Today, I appear for the first time as ‘Gun’, in ‘My Princess.’ How did you guys like it? I still lack a lot, but would be happy if you would look upon me favorably.”
Fans who visited Ki Kwang’s Me2day left positive comments like, “Woah!! You opened a Me2day account. I saw the preview. I will anticipate watching ‘My Princess’” and “You were so cheerful and cute! I wish next week would hurry up and come. Your acting is awesome!”
Ki Kwang’s Me2day account could be accessed through here. Please provide this talented star with a lot of support and encouragement!
Source: Newsen
via: AKP

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