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Black Beat (블랙 비트) is South Korean boy band. Black Beat belongs to SM Entertainment. A few of their members have appeared elsewhere. But for the most part their public appearances (and subsequent popularity) have been limited. This can be attributed to a number of things: the waning popularity of poppy rap and the decreasing amount of SM Entertainment's PR power (which since 2004 has focused on a few core groups and singers). However, they have appeared on the last SMTown album, 2006 Winter SMTown, showing that they are still active. Currently they train young trainees under SM Entertainment. Rumors of a second album in 2007 have been in circulation but no statements released from SM Entertainment justify said rumors.

Current Members
Hwang Sang Hoon
Hwang Sang Hoon (황상훈) (born March 2, 1981) was once a member for the Korean hip hop group, Honey Family, but left to join SM Entertainment. He is the choreographer and rapper for the group. Currently, he is training popular trot singer Sul Oon Do's son, Lee Seung Hyun who is debuting next year as "U" under GNG Entertainment.

Lee So Min
Lee So Min (이소민) (born March 18, 1981) used to be a backup dancer for Seo Tai Ji and Boys. Lee So Min rapped for many of S.E.S.' songs, most notably "I Love You". He is the leader of the group.

Jung Ji Hoon
Jung Ji Hoon (정지훈) (born May 20, 1981) rapped in S.E.S.' "Sha La La" along with fellow member Jang Jin Young. He is the choreographer and high tone vocalist in the group. Towards the beginning of 2007, formed a rather controversial relationship with future model Shin Ji-young.

Sim Jae Won
Sim Jae Won (심재원) (born February 8, 1983) used to be a member of the group, Eagle-5, which shortly disbanded after there second album. He appeared and rapped for S.E.S.' "Twilight Zone". He is the manager, lead rapper, and choreographer of the group.

Jang Jin Young
Jang Jin Young (장진영) (born July 1, 1983) rapped in S.E.S.' "Sha La La" along with fellow member Jung Ji Hoon. He is the lead vocalist and youngest member of the group

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