Senin, 10 Januari 2011

SS501 -- SS502?

i don't know why i'm so weird today..
i went home earlier and didn't follow 2 subjects *from 1 of the subject i got alfa -,-*
but .. i think my day is becoming weird and weird after i read about DSP new project..
they'll release their new Boyband *after have 2 GB huh ?*
And.. Do u know what ? their be SS502
i don't know what i should do..
i'm angry and feel sorry for the same time..
i'm dissapointed because .. why they named SS502 ?
to make SS501 success be their success too ?
 i have to say DSP artists are different from another agencies ..
but , i hate to know if DSP become more weird ..
Is there no unic name to give for them ?
i'm a little sure SS501 will support SS502 like what they do to Kara and Rainbow ..
but,as a fans.. don't know why i feel i can't accept that ..
Aish !!!!
they're 7 members Boyband.. why not SS701 ?
so weird,funny,and dissapointed

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