Senin, 10 Januari 2011


*sigh* i think SS502 rumor be so poor =.=
weird huh i say this after i said i really dissapointed and feel annoying with that name?
=___= but i think Triple S take it with too over
calm down sistah !!
SS502 name can be  change by DSP...
aish ~ actually .. we can't be their antis..
because of we don't know who are the members ... what do they look .. how is their talent..
don't be an antis before we know them
actually , i feel sorry for them ..
if that's true their name will be SS502 that's mean they will be under SS501's shadow
yeah >_< let's hope they'll change it ...
Rainbow's name was too difficult to say and then DSP changed it because of Kyu Jong gave them new name...
now ... can we hope that maybe one of KARA or RAINBOW's members will give them new name ?

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