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Spend the day with the girls of SECRET!

The four ladies of SECRET returned after their sexy debut last year with a sweeter track to melt the hearts of their fans, as the girls have undergone a 180 degree transformation with “Shy Boy.”  Sports Chosun received the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes for a day with the girls to see what it’s like for them off stage.
The only meal of their day. Hyosung tiredly 
eats her chicken salad.
After starting their day at 4 AM, the girls 
eat their first meal at 2:30 PM. They can't eat 
anything else besides a salad for fear of their 
faces swelling before their broadcast.
The girls held their first comeback stage through Mnet’s M! Countdown on January 6th.  Pre-recording started at 7:30 AM, which meant the girls had to get up by 3 AM at the latest.  After waking up, they head to their salon to get their hair and make-up done, which is a three hour process.  The three hours is precious to them though, as it’s the only time allowed for them to truly rest.
They head to the Sangam E&M Center for their pre-recording and return to an office in Hannam at 2 PM, visibly tired.  SECRET greets the staff brightly and begin eating the first meal of their day: a salad, which consists of four tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, and honey mustard sauce.  The taste must’ve not been what they expected, as all of them put down their forks before finishing even half.
When asked why they didn’t finish their meals, Ji Eun answers, “Normally, we won’t even eat as much as we ate today.  We usually eat egg whites or a carton of soy milk.  We can only eat salads once a day with only balsamic or oriental dressing.
When asked whether they ever felt like fainting, Sunhwa answered, “It’s gotten a lot better now, but it was really difficult during the Christmas holiday because of the year-end ceremonies.  We stayed up for eight days in a row because of our music video filming and ceremony preparations.  We really wanted to faint, but we didn’t.
After noticing their red eyes, reporters suggested that they take a nap.  All four refused, reasoning, “We can’t sleep on our stomachs because our faces get swollen.  We were up rehearsing until the morning and just dozed off for a bit before coming back out.  Still, we can’t act like we’re tired because everyone else is just as, if not more, tired.”
Sunhwa stops by a corner store and buys 
a rice pack to fill her stomach before they head to the salon.
Zinger, who has $90 in her wallet, is buying snacks.
The girls head out of their office at 3:10 PM 
after a light meal.
At 3 PM, the girls prepare to head out for their M! Countdown live at 6 PM.  Although they have to get their make-up and hair fixed up, they stop by the corner store to pick up some food.  At 4 PM, they finally arrive at their salon and enter in a daze after having slept in the car.
While Sunhwa and Ji Eun get their hair done, Hyosung falls into dream land.  The stylist folds her chair back in order to fix her make-up while she’s sleeping.
SECRET gets interviewed by M! Countdown
in their waiting room.

After an hour getting their hair and make-up fixed, the girls rush back into the car and sleep carefully in order to keep their hair intact.  At 5:30 PM, they reach their waiting room, but before they even get a chance to settle, cameras rush in for an interview.
After the interview, they get changed into vivid mini one-pieces with romantic pastel tones.
The clock hits 6 PM, and it’s finally their turn for their first comeback stage of their promotion style.  Instead of feeling nervous like their debut, they look a lot more natural and truly enjoy the stage with all they have.
The girls battle the cold with blankets.
By 7:30 PM, their music program schedules are over and the girls divide into two and get in different cars.  Sunhwa and Ji Eun head off to MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World“, while Hyosung and Zinger return to their rehearsal room to practice for “Music Bank,” “Music Core,” and “Inkigayo.”
By 1:30 AM, Sunhwa and Ji Eun return from their program recording and join the remaining two in order to pull an all-nighter rehearsal again until they head back to their dorms at 4 AM, finally concluding their day.
Hyosung points out a picture of BBQ her fans sent her
for Christmas.
Last minute check-up before they head on stage.
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Daum
via: AKP

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