Senin, 10 Januari 2011

MBLAQ to debut in Japan this May!

MBLAQ has made their first official announcement about their impending Japanese debut!
After releasing their comeback album, “BLAQ Style” on January 10th, the group will be heading over to Japan after a three-month promotion period.
Through Star News, J. Tune Camp revealed on the 9th, “In May, they will be releasing new Japanese songs and will be promoting in Japan for about two weeks. We’re currently planning their promotion schedules with Sony Music.  By the end of this month, we’ll be holding a press conference with the Japanese press in Korea, and officially announce our plans then.”
MBLAQ has already completed the recordings for their Japanese songs, and the members have been consistently studying Japanese while rehearsing for their comeback preparations.
MBLAQ will be returning through Mnet’s “M. Countdown on the 13th with their E-TRIBE-produced R&B tracks, “Cry,” and “Stay.
Source + photos: Star News via Daum
via: allkpop

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