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profil 1TYM's

Position: Lead Vocal
Full Korean Name: Im Tae Bin
Nickname: Dduk Bo, Muhk Bo
Sibblings: One older brother
Birthday: May 6, 1980
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Religion: Chistian
School: Diamond Bar High School Graduate
Hobbies: Listening to R&B, watching movies
Talent: Sports (all of them, like me!)
Sleeping Habit: Sleeps with a stuffed animal
Favorite musicians: Usher, Baby Face
Ideal Girl: A nice girl who loves only him

Jin Hwan
Position: Choreographer/Rap
Full Name: Oh Jin Hwan
Nickname: Oh Ji Ral, Penguin
Sibblings: One older brother
Birthday: July 6, 1978
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Religion: Christian
School: Sun Moon University, Business Management Major, 1st year
Hobbies: Collecting hip-hop things, playing video games
Talent: Playing the drums, dancing
Sleeping Habit: If someone doesn't wake him up, he'll sleep for 2~3 days straight
Favorite musicians: J.D., DMX
Ideal Girl: A girl who is pretty and cute

Baek Kyoung
Position: Songwriter/Vocal
Full Name: Song Baek Kyoung
Nickname: Dog Dish (Because of his sloppy eating), Kko Kko Ri Kko
Sibblings: Only child I guess (I wish I was, my younger brother is so annoying!)
Birthday: April 12, 1979
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
School: Graduated Soo Do Technical High
Hobbies: Collecting perfume and CDs
Talent: Playing the piano and saxophone
Sleeping Habit: Sprays perfume on himself before going to sleep
Favorite musicians: Dupri, Teddy Riley
Ideal Girl: An non-intimidating, neat, honest girl who's bigger in size than him (I guess he doesn't want short kids ^_^)

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