Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Rain has trouble using Twitter

Remember when multi-entertainer Rain returned to the Twitter scene?
Since then, this famous star has accumulated over 70,000 followers. You’d think that with so many followers, Rain would be a god of Twitter. Recently, however, he posted a tweet that claimed he has trouble using the social medium.
On January 8th, the entertainer left an encouraging tweet for MBLAQ members with, “Hello! Everyone, we are finally showcasing the five eagle brothers MBLAQ’s 1st full album. Until now, these five children has done their best. You guys worked hard, my BLAQies. Let’s have some fun.”
Later on the 13th, Rain tweeted again, “Now that I am 30 I would like to change 29rain to 30rain but I don’t know how to do it ㅠ I’ve had Twitter for an year now and I still don’t know how to do anything…ㅠ” For reference, this tweet refers to Rain’s account name. His current account has the name ‘29rain’ because he was 29 years old, but now that an year has passed, he wants to alter it to the more appropriate ‘30rain’.
Netizens who read Rain’s tweets replied, “He was technologically inept. No wonder he did not post any picture, I was wondering why ㅠㅠ” and “Learn from MBLAQ oppas.”

Source: Newsen
via: AKP

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