Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

MBLAQ successfully completes their first fan-meet

MBLAQ successfully held their first ever fan-meet on January 9th.
For 2 hours and 30 minutes, fans got to interact with the boys, as they played games together and participated in ‘question and answer’ sessions. One of the many questions, naturally, was about their upcoming album. MBLAQ revealed, “A strong point about the album is that you can listen to all genres of music. Just like the album’s title, you can see all the styles that can only be seen through MBLAQ.”
They continued, “Both the members and staff discussed thoroughly while working on the album. It’s worth looking forward to.”
To the delight of their 1,500 guests, the group also performed their title tracks “Cry” and “Stay” for the first time. Although it was their first stage in eight months, the members’ facial expressions were very relaxed and composed.
To wrap up, the members also cut a cake and confessed their wish for 2011 – “We want to get first place on a music program.”
Source: SPN via Daum Media
via: AKP

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