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[News] Admires Andy Lau, Kim KyuJong venture into acting

[News][2011.01.08] Admires Andy Lau, Kim KyuJong venture into acting

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SS501 2 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng yesterday held their large scale fan meeting “KyuJong and YoungSaeng AND Story in Hong Kong”. After arrival in Hong Kong the day before yesterday, many major media has made exclusive interview with them. Kim KyuJong expressed, it had been more than a year plus since their last visit to Hong Kong, and that was when 5 of them came together, this round although there are only Heo YoungSaeng and him, but fans are still as passionate as usual. making them very touched. Two of them expressed in future they wish to go towards the direction of acting, and treat Andy Lau as their goal.
Heo YoungSaeng expressed, the last time when he visited Hong Kong he had went to Lan Kwai Fung for entertainment, but due to crowded they were forced to leave early, this time the schedule is also very tight, so he think he has no chance to visit there again. He seemed to not forgetting Lan Kwai Fung, is it because he loves to drink? He immediately smiled and denied, and insisted that only when together with a group of friends and to join in the fun then he would drink. When the other SS501 members are free, they will also meet to drink, having very good relationship, sometimes will also reminiscence about times when 5 of them were at back stage, the lively atmosphere in the past.
Growing together, strengthen relationship
Heo YoungSaeng currently having activities with Kim KyuJong, making their relationship to strengthen, during the interview, 2 of them kept whispering to each others ears and joking, just like brothers that went thru all thick and think, Heo YoungSaeng said: “I am most admired of Kyu Jong’s easy going character, he could get along with anybody.” When Kim KyuJong prepared to open his mouth, Heo YoungSaeng jokingly opened up both of his hands: “Don’t laugh, just said to you .” Actually Kim KyuJong originally think that his team mate is very cool, after getting along then realized that he is very thoughtful to others and is very meticulous, “No matter how tired, he will take care of others first, also considerate of others feeling.” after finish talking both of them glance at each other and smile.

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