Jumat, 29 April 2011

Top 50 Chart KPop...!!!! (25 April - 01 Mei'11)

1. CN Blue (Intuition)
2. 4minute (Mirror Mirror)
3. Kim Tae Woo (Echo)
4. Big Bang (Love Song)
5. Girl's Day (Twinkle Twinkle)
6. K.Will (Heart Is Beating)
7. Clover (La Vida Loca)
8. Yangpa (It Hurts)
9. Rainbow (To Me)
10. Orange Caramel (Bangkok City)

11. Wheesung (Story of a Cold Heart)
12. U-Kiss (0330)
13. Big Bang (Stupid Liar)
14. Kim Green (This Is Only You)
15. Lee Hyun (Although You Said So)
16. Tony An (Topstar)
17. Infinite (Nothing's Over)
18. UV (Itaewon Freedom)
19. Brave Girls (Do You Know?)
20. Seo In Kook (Broken)

21. Jung In (Rainy Season)
22. Boo Hwal (Everyone Should Love)
23. Brian (Love, It's Over Now)
24. DBSK (Before U Go)
25. Jung Yup (Nothing Wrong)
26. Supreme Team (feat. GaeKo)
27. Song Ji Eun (Secret) (Are You Crazy?)
28. Dal★shabet (Pink Rocket)
29. Rania (Dr Feel Good)
30. Ali (Tried All Different Kinds of Things)

31. Jang Hye Jin (Must Have Loved You)
32. Chi Chi (Don't Play Around)
33. IU (Story Only I Didn't Know)
34. Namolla Family JW (Love Doesn’t Listen (Rain Ver))
35. NS Yoon Ji (Talk Talk Talk)
36. Hyun Bin (You I Can't Have)
37. ZE:A (Here I Am)
38. Narsha (Woman I Know)
39. M to M (Trash Like This)
40. Kan Mi Yeon (Paparazzi)

41. Maya (Hurt, Sad)
42. Gummy (I Want To Wait)
43. Super Junior KRY (FLY)
44. J-Cera (Love You Whenever)
45. Han Groo (My Boy)
46. Block. B (Freeze)
47. Jang Jae In (That Place)
48. Kim Ji Soo (Chocolate Drive)
49. Park Jung Min (As Much as Tears Flow)
50. No Brain (Radio Radio)

Source: soompi

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