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SS501 Park Jung Min 1st Single Album "Not Alone" Available For Preorder!

Album release on: 25 November
Price: 7,300won

Yes24 offer price: 5,900won (19% discount)

SS501 Park Jung Min 1st Single Album

*"I am not alone"
Showing various image of members changing to new agency within the short period and performing personal activities. Park JungMin who has always done his activities base upon the group, wanted to release wholeheartedly his own character.

*Became a chic guy
After 5 months of resting, working out to a firm and strong body, come back with more matured, strong and masculine image. Could feel the Chic Guy Park JungMin who know how to show his joy and sadness and how to convey his heart.

*Composing together wtih Sinsadong Tiger, Park JungMin that up the challenge as lyricist
Song and music, dancer group and others, has changed because of Park JungMin's exclusive personal style. For the recorded songs in this album, JungMin has personally wrote the lyrics, has direct participate in it, put in a lot of hard work in order to complete the album.

*Title song 'Not Alone'
Sinsadong tiger composed the title song after meeting and having conversation with Park JungMin for several times. Although initially each other has different thinking and direction, having conflicting opinions, but after going through these processes, 'Not Alone' is created, wanted to convey the meaning of 'Although was standing alone, but there's always SS501 members and fans beside who give me support and cheers, because of the existance of people who love me, so I am not alone."

Receiving rigorous physical training and the singing power resulting from the training harmonize with Sinsadong tiger special working style, resulting in an album which show the greatest musical sense, This album not only consists of dance song, but also comprises also medium, ballet and various genre. Also, in this album, not only Sinsadong Tiger, Loveholics' Dong Jung Min has personally wrote a Christmas song for Park JungMin, making the 2010 last winter even more romantic and sweet.

Song List
1. Not Alone
2. Do you know? (³Í ¾Ë°í ÀÖ´Ï)
3. My day is everyday Christmas (³» ÇÏ·ç´Â ¸ÅÀϸÅÀÏ Å©¸®½º¸¶½º )
4. Not Alone [Instrumental]
5. Do you know? [Instrumental]
6. My day is everyday Christmas [Instrumental]

Sites to pre-order JungMin's 1st singles (Korean sites):

International site:
YesAsia (USD10.99)
via: Triple S Fillipina Blog

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