Jumat, 19 November 2010

SDN48 visits 4minute in Korea

A special meeting occurred between girl groups 4minute and SDN48 on November 17th.
The two teams first met after SDN48 visited Korea for the first time in order to promote their new album track, “GAGAGA.” The 12 member Japanese girl group went to 4minute’s agency, Cube Entertainment, immediately after arriving in Korea. Over eight media representatives were present, showing much interest in the meeting between the two girl groups.
4minute personally followed the choreography for SDN48’s “GAGAGA”, and showed off their friendship by encouraging and supporting one another.  Since the 4minute members are currently undergoing intense Japanese studies, they were able to freely converse with the SDN48 members, maintaining a lively and fun environment.
SDN48 will be releasing their official debut album in both Korea and Japan on the 24th, while 4minute will continue their third single promotions for “First” in Japan.
Source: Star News
Photos: Cube Entertainment
via: allkpop

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