Selasa, 16 November 2010

SM Entertainment denies f(x) becoming a 4-member group rumors

Word has been flying around amongst fan forums about a four member comeback for girl group f(x), and SM Entertainment has recently denied them as groundless rumors.
SM Entertainment told Star News on November 15th, , “Previous reports of f(x) coming back as a four member group is not true. Nothing has been decided within our company.”
When asked about Amber’s whereabouts, they answered, “Amber has completed her public activities and is currently in the U.S.
The representative went on to deny rumors about Amber leaving the group, adding, “Amber naturally had a weak ankle. Her condition got worse with the continued activities. All of the rumors about her leaving the group are groundless.
Source + photos: Star News via Nate
via: allkpop

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