Selasa, 16 November 2010


hello :D
:)) how are you this week?
i'm a little busy this week *ah -0- actually , i'm busy everyday now -__-*
kkk.. i have to practice my homework with my friends..
so. yeah sometimes i'm too tired to turn on my laptop ^^
hehe.. i wish you won't be like me :P
i hope you will be happy always
happy Idul adha for tomorrow !!
kkk ^^
and before i get off,do you know TOUCH ? LOL.. yes !
i'm their fans too i think .__.
hahah ^^
good night ^^ sorry if i have any false to you >..<
eid mubarak ^^

minseok TOUCH

hanjun TOUCH
YoungHun TOUCH

minseok TOUCH

and this is my aegyo magnae !! baby jun !!

and this is my lovely girl band .. SECRET

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