Rabu, 17 November 2010

F.CUZ’s full MV for “Midnight Sun” will not be as explicit

F.CUZ’s music video teaser for their new single “Midnight Sun” has been stirring up a ton of controversy. Many have labelled it as ’shocking’ and ‘provocative’; while those terms are normally utilized in a positive light (ie: Lady Gaga), in conservative Korean society, it fringes on taboo.
Many netizens were shocked by the racy clothing, lewd gestures, as well as an open display of gay sexuality; for a society bombarded by ‘cute’ and ‘cheery’ models, it’s hard for most to accept that this music video features an idol group. The fact that F.CUZ’s maknae Yejun is still an adolescent has further scandalized the viewers.
Netizens wrote disapprovingly, “Is it okay for an idol group with members in the teenage years to film such a music video? It is upsetting.”
F.CUZ’s agency responded, “The music video means to convey the message of liberal freedom through the medium of club parties. It wasn’t focusing on decadent pleasures.” The representative continued, “Although the teaser contains sexually explicit material, the full music video will not emphasize an outstanding degree of physical contact or vulgar content”, stressing the “teaser” aspect of the clip.
The agent concluded, “The “Midnight Sun” music video concepts revolves around vampires and sexiness. Instead of putting the focus on the sexual content, please concentrate on the image transformation of F.CUZ”.

via: allkpop

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