Jumat, 19 November 2010

Will the legendary idol group H.O.T reunite?

Yes, you read the headline right, it seems like a reunification may be a possibility.
The 90s biggest idol group, H.O.T, may be reuniting. Member Tony An’s company said on November 18th, “The members have been talking about reuniting. Nonetheless, there are no detailed plans yet.
They continued, “Maknae Lee Jae Won will come out of the military in March of next year, and the members will reunite to greet him. Since they are all working on solo projects, only time will tell whether or not they will work together again.”
H.O.T debuted in 1996 and released numerous hits, before going their separate ways in 2001. Next year would be their 10th anniversary since disbanding, so a reunion would be a nice surprise.
Kangta said in July, “When maknae Lee Jae Won comes out of military next year, there is a possibility of H.O.T reuniting. We’ve been thinking about that for awhile.”
Source: Money Today
via: allkpop

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