Selasa, 16 November 2010

Orange Caramel unveils ‘A~ing♡’ MV teaser!

With Orange Caramel’s official comeback drawing ever so nearer, the group has so far unveiled teaser photos for members LizzyNana and Raina, as well as revealing the name and a short descriptionplus album jacket cover of their new title track, ‘A~ing♡‘.
Pledis Entertainment announced earlier that their new track was co-produced by singer Wheesungand Jo Young So, the creator of Orange Caramel’s last hit, ‘Magic Girl‘.
A short MV teaser of ‘A~ing♡’ has just been released by Pledis today, and you can already tell that the song is just oozing with cuteness.
Check it out below!
via: Allkpop
oh ya ini videonya :P *lupa*

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