Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Ga-In borrowed Jo Kwon’s glasses?

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In has demonstrated that glasses are still quite the chic accessory through her latest blog entry.
On November 19th, Ga-In posted a picture on her Cyworld Minihompi of herself wearing round glasses with leopard-print rims. She wrote, ‘Glasses really don’t fit me. But sometimes I have an urge to wear them.
The pictures show a fresh-faced Ga-In nibbling on a cake, as well as her cute expressions while trying to kiss a doll.
Yet as charming as those photos are, netizens are more interested in its similarity to earlier photos uploaded by 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon recently uploaded a funny photo of himself onto his Twitter, where he also sported round leopard-print glasses.
Jo Kwon and Ga-In have been acting in the sitcom ‘All My Love‘ as twins, and their similar pictures definitely reinforces those roles.
The fans who saw the pictures commented, ‘The sunglasses fit really well. You look smart’, ‘You look pretty even when you wear glasses’, and ‘Very cute, you should wear them more often.’

Source: Star News
Photos: Ga-In’s Cyworld
VIA: Allkpop
*me: kyaaa >.< adam couple*

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