Selasa, 16 November 2010

A behind-the-scenes look at SUJU’s Sungmin from the “President” set

A behind-the-scene cut of Super Junior Sungmin’s acting debut was recently revealed through a tweet from the official “President” Twitter account (@kbspresident) on the morning of November 15th.
Sungmin was cast for the KBS 2TV drama, and set out this week to shoot for the drama poster.
Producers of the show tweeted, “A service for the SUJU fans! Sungmin’s cool suit look! He smells like a man~~
Sungmin plays the role of an ambitious son in this drama, who aims to help his politician father through any means possible. “President” will air its pilot episode after “Fugitive: Plan B.”
Source: Star News
*me: erm.. ._. keren banget XD*
via: allkpop

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