Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

‘Devoted son’ MBLAQ’s Mir bought his parents a house

On a recent episode of MBC’s “Come to Play,” MBLAQ’s Mir revealed, “I saved all of the money I made since I debuted as a singer, and bought a house for my parents.
According to a representative of his agency, “His parents had been living in a rental house, and were able to move. Mir helped out by giving everything he had saved in order to purchase a house.”
Previously, 2AM’s Jo Kwon won the approval of many when they learned that he had bought his parents a home when they were previously living in a one-room rental. Netizens have nicknamed the two stars as ‘devoted son idols.’
Source + Photos: Star News
Tip: BLAQee
via: allkpop

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