Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Secret’s Zinger revisits her Twitter with new selcas

Secret’s Zinger greeted her fans on Twitter with a new set of selcas after a prolonged absence from the account.
Attached with the photos was the message, “Been a while since I’ve uploaded selca gogo~ Enjoy your day everyone.” Zinger is seen smiling beautifully, and it appears that she’s slimmed down as well.
Netizens wrote, “You’ve become prettier since the last time we saw you,” “Your diet seems to have been a success,” and “Zinger is a goddess.
Meanwhile, the girls of Secret have been greeting fans through various TV shows, and will soon prepare for their next album.
Source: Nate
Photo: Zinger’s Twitter
via: allkpop

me: loh O.o ini foto baru ? kirain foto lama ><

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