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[News] SS501 Kim Hyungjun . U-KISS Kibum, ‘Knowing Piro Piro~’

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Brothers, SS501′s Kim Hyungjun and U-KISS’s Kim Kibum had jumped into a character business industry.
Both of them are co-CEO of ‘HnB Company’, a character design and media development company that they created and named using their initial, but it can also mean ‘Happy and Bright’, or ‘the company that is always pleasure to serve you’. Their first character product is called ‘Piro Piro’, which will be launched officially on the 29th.
HnB said, “‘Piro Piro’ is a bear with tired eyes. The dark circles under the eyes represent the busy life and weary look of modern people. We are selling this product so that you can use this character as a neck pillow and cushion.” Piro Piro is a cute character that was created as an endurance to fight against fatigue virus, which is well presented by the dark circles under the eyes.
HnB added, “The VIP system and a separate board for international users are expected to be launched in January. User can change the default board language into their preferred language”. Some of the reactions of the fans of SS501 and U-KISS when they heard the news were “I want to buy it as soon as possible”, “It’s really cute” etc. The pre-order selling has started, and additional orders have been placed ahead of the initial orders. The product is getting an explosive reaction as there are many suggestions/applications regarding the license agreement from the local and international markets.
Kibum said, “My brother and I have spent a long time in the development and research of the design of this product. Special events have also been planned in regards of the official launch on the 29th. We have worked hard (for this).”

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