Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Profiles for Sweet Shabet revealed!

We’re all quite curious about E-TRIBE’s newest project – a girl group by the name of “Sweet Shabet“. While expectations are running high for their music, many have been wondering about the members themselves.
Recently, Happy Face Entertainment shared their profiles with Naver Music. The members are comprised of leader Vicky (22), Seri (20), Jiyool (19), Ah Young (19), Ga Eun (18), and Subin (16).
Vicky, Seri, Ah Young, and Jiyool are all entertainment broadcast majors at Dong Deok Women’s University, while Ga Eun and Subin both attend high schools specializing in entertainment.
The group already showed off their talents through SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” last week, and demonstrated that they were all highly trained in both singing and dancing. The members also revealed that they’ve been developing their talents since they were very young.
Sweet Shabet will be releasing the teaser video to their debut track, “Supa Dupa Diva,” on January 1st, 2011.
Source: Newsen via Nate
via: allkpop

me: kayaknya menarik ._. tapi sya gak siap menghapal lagi -,-

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