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Ga-In reflects back on her success in 2010

There’s no denying that Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In was a hot star of 2010. As of December 28th, Ga-In became the first celebrity to reach over 50 million visits on her minihompy. Comparing that with the nation’s figure skater, Kim Yuna, who only just reached 33.5 million clicks, it’s clear that Ga-In has been receiving interest and popularity from all different kinds of realms.
One can consider that Ga-In’s solo album release in the latter half of 2010 with her title track ‘Irreversible‘ had a great role in her rise in popularity. But what truly kick-started her fame would have to be her permanent role as part of the ‘Adam Couple’ with 2AM’s Jo Kwon on MBC ‘We Got Married’, which was followed up by her regular casting for the daily sitcom, ‘All My Love’.
On December 28th, Ga-In sat down with Money Today Star News to talk about her successes of 2010. “This year was a satisfying year for me, because I was able to do the things I’ve always wanted to do (laughs). I was able to show my colors in music through my solo promotions, and I was also able to learn more about acting through ‘We Got Married’ and ‘All My Love’.”
Regarding her regular casting for ‘All My Love’, Ga-In expressed, “To be honest, for me, I still find acting in sitcoms is harder than in conventional dramas. You have to really express your character’s feeling and emotions, and this is the part where I’m most worried about. However, Kim Kab Soo, Kwon and Doojoon are really giving me a lot of strength.”
“Since it was this year in which I was able to learn and enjoy myself a lot, next year I want to be able to weave all my developments together. My biggest goal right now is to put in as much devotion into Brown Eyed Girls’ new album next year,” said Ga-In.
Finally, when asked about her hopes for 2011, Ga-In responded, “I’m going to concentrate on BEG’s new album production.” She paused and laughed, “If you’re talking about my ideal man, then I guess I’d like someone who I can express my inner feelings to.”
Source: Star News via Nate

via: allkpop

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