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Park Jung Min's Successful Fan Meetings In Japan

Singer Park Jung-min holds successful fan meetings in Japan

Singer Park Jung-min held his first solo fan meetings in Japan this week, according to his agency CNR Media on Friday.

A press release from CNR announced that Park's first fan meeting held twice on December 22 at Osaka's NHK Hall in Japan attracted a total about 4,000 fans, while 3,000 fans attended his second meet-and-greet the following day at JCB Hall in Tokyo, Japan. [liezle: correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it that the first FM was in Tokyo and the 2nd one was in Osaka?]

On Tuesday, Park held an autograph session for the release of his first Japanese photo book titled "Present."

Park made his debut as one of the members in boy band SS501 along with Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Kyu-jong, Heo Young-saeng and Kim Hyung-jun in 2005. He signed with CNR media in August to continue with his singing career after their contract with DSP Media expired in June this year.

His first solo album "Not Alone" will go on sale next month and will hold a showcase and fan meeting in Korea to celebrate the release.

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Popular group SS501 member Park JungMin sucessfully held his 1st solo fan meeting in Japan and was very popular.

On 23 December, Tokyo Dome JCB hall, Park JungMin held 2 session of ‘First Fan Meeting Japan 2010 – Christmas Special’, and sung SS501 representative song ‘If I cannot’ and ‘Lovers’ and also Mika Nakashima’s ‘Orion’ and Popular rock group B’z's ‘Itsuka no Merry Christmas’ and other popular Japanese pop song.

Park JungMin has also presented ‘Everyday is a Christmas’ from his first solo album to be released in South Korea 20th January next year, and used his fluent Japanese to introduce items and goodies included his first photobook ‘Present’.

In addition, he also prepared a mini musicial, invited his fan to act together with him, a story about proposing to girl friend in a restaurant corner.

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Here are the postcards from the fanmeeting... JM looks great!

Credit: PJM Baidu + as tagged

me: banyak yang bilang JM ganteng -__- tapi bagi jo dia makin jelek ;__; *ditabok* abis~ kurussss banget gitu

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