Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Rain at SuJu’s Guangzhou concert forces members to slip & Kyuhyun to perform barefoot

With Super Junior in China for part of their Super Show 3 Tour on December 25, ELFs in Guangzhou have been animated with the prospect of celebrating the Christmas holidays with their favorite idols. Unfortunately, SuJu members and ELFs had their spirits dampened when oncoming showers made the performance stage extremely wet and slippery, forcing the performers to endure low temperatures and rainy weather throughout the show.
One report states that the SuJu members appeared to be shivering from the low temperatures due to their light attire; Sungmin, who was dressed in a top with short sleeves, nearly stopped playing guitar because his fingers were practically frozen stiff.
Furthermore, due to the wet stage, leader Leeteuk and members Siwon and Kyuhyun ended up slipping one after another; Kyuhyun reportedly ended up taking off his shoes and simply enduring the cold by performing barefoot.
Instead of letting the unfortunate circumstances rain on their parade (literally), ELFs still remained supportive, enthusiastically cheering on the performers and waving their pearl sapphire blue glowsticks encouragingly. In return, the members of Super Junior determinedly put forth their best efforts for a strong show decked with holiday festivities by appearing on stage in Christmas-themed attire to sing “Jingle Bells.” The members also wished Sungmin, who will turn 25 (25 in Korean age) on New Year’s Day, an early happy birthday.
It’s nice to see that, despite the horrid weather conditions, Super Junior ended up pulling through and delivering a memorable show complete with Christmas spirit. Hopefully Mother Nature will be more forgiving in the future!
Source + Images: Apple Daily, SJ Baidu Bar
via: allkpop

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