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JYJ & TVXQ dominate HMV Online Charts

As a team, JYJ & TVXQ were quite a formidable force, dominating charts in both Korea and Japan. Despite tension between the two groups, both groups are showing that they’re still quite formidable as two separate units.
HMV Online, one of Japan’s largest online music portals updates their daily ranking chart on their website. The daily ranking chart is based off of sales figures for the day and both JYJ / TVXQ dominated this chart.
JYJ took spots #1 (preorder for Music Essay THEIR ROOMS), #2 (preorder for Memories in 2010 DVD), #6 (preorder for MEMORIES IN 2010 DVD +THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME LIVE CD), and #8 (Featured in K☆BOOM March 2011).
TVXQ took spots #3 – #5, and #21 (Various editions of Why? Keep Your Head Down).
The only non JYJ / TVXQ spots in the top 10 were taken by EXILE (#7), KARA (#9), and AKB48 (#10), who are quite formidable themselves. Congratulations to both TVXQ and JYJ, it’s good to see support for both groups despite the recent events.

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Source: HMV Online, shared by sharingyoochun
via: AKP

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