Jumat, 15 April 2011

Gwanghee ‘ZE:A’ buktikan Heechul ‘Super Junior’ tidak oplas

Episode TV MBC "Golden Fishery - Radio Star" which aired on June 13 featuring guest Koyote Kim Jongmin, Z: EA Gwanghee, and SS501 Kim Hyungjoon.

Gwanghee claims about her past that she had plastic surgery and earned the nickname as "Plastic-dol". On occasion, he became an expert and asked if he could tell if someone do plastic surgery or not. To that question he replied "I can know this directly, "and started to check people.
When he checked the Super Junior Kim Heechul, he said, "I do not know about the needle. But, I think Kim Heechul does not have a sign silicons or never in plastic surgery. He's clean. He also did not do it on his teeth "and prove that the natural beauty of Heechul

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