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[News] Kim KyuJong, Release of Photos from SS501 days “Time flies fast”

Credits : silk781220@sportschosun.com + Photos from KyuJong’s Twitter + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
SS501 Kim KyuJong was reminiscing the past.
Kim KyuJong posted a message in his own twitter on 11-Apr “Year 2005!!! Time flies fast..!! Woahahah heehee” and “It is spring~~!! Mansae !!! Everyone, let’s work hard with a smileeee”. With that, he also released photos of them during SS501 days. The photos show various images such as the members holding hands and running, making funny poses, during interviews, etc. Especially eye catching is his youthful and green looks as compared to now.
Kim KyuJong also posted a message on the 1st, “Year 2005. It is already year 2011”, and conveyed his complicated feelings. In 2005, they debuted and ended their contract with DSP Media in 2010, he showed his yearnings towards the 5 years which he has spent with his members and fans.
Fans who saw the photos gave enthusiastic responses “I want to see SS501 going on stage together as 5 again” “It’s sad that there is any activity plans for KyuJong only, I’m happy to see him through this”.
Kim KyuJong is having a break after holding fan meetings with SS501 member Heo YoungSaeng in December. But recently, he was known as a likely candidate to be casted for the role of prince Shin in musical ‘Goong’ which DongBangShinGi Uknow YoonHo has acted for previously, and gaining lots of anticipation for this.

via: rainaftershine

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