Selasa, 16 November 2010

(Rumors) Cube Entertainment to debut a 7-member girl group?

Netizens have been buzzing about what may be an upcoming girl group from B2ST’s agency, Cube Entertainment.
On November 15th, Cube unleashed a 7 minute long, drama-styled music video for B2ST’s title track, ‘Beautiful‘. In the music video, viewers noticed 7 girls dancing in one of the dance battle scenes, and many have been wondering whether they will be a future girl group from Cube.
Regarding this, Cube Entertainment told Newsen, “It’s true that they are currently trainees in our company, however we have not decided about exactly how they will debut. It hasn’t been confirmed whether they will debut as a girl group or as actresses.”
Meanwhile, B2ST will be continuing their comeback with ‘Beautiful’ on November 19th, throughKBS2TV’s Music Bank.
Source: Newsen
via: allkpop

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