Selasa, 16 November 2010

What’s the story behind Jo Kwon and Raina’s couple hoodies?

The NCSI is busy once again, and this time, they’re investigating the story behind 2AM Jo Kwon andAfter School Raina’s couple hoodies.
In the pictures they found, Jo Kwon and Raina are both wearing light pink hoodies with a white pattern over them. This past June, Jo Kwon confessed his first love to be ‘Oh Bang Shil‘ on a broadcast program, leading netizens to wonder whether her identity was Raina.
With attention already being put on the potential ex-couple, pictures of their couple hoodies have only aroused further speculation.
A representative of After School’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, stated, “Jo Kwon and Raina are old friends. They first met each other while going to auditions. To our understanding, they are just friends, and do not have any other special relationship
Source:  Central News via Nate
via: Allkpop

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