Selasa, 16 November 2010

After School’s Lizzy becomes fixed cast member of “Running Man”

After School’s Lizzy has become a fixed panelist on SBS’s “Running Man.”
Producers of the show were interviewed on November 14th and confirmed Lizzy’s role for the show, revealing, “She joined last week and has already finished recording an episode.
They continued, “Song Ji Hyo is the only fixed female cast member on ‘Running Man.’ Lizzy has a different sort of charm compared to Song Ji Hyo so we’re anticipating their synergy. ‘Running Man’ is on the rise lately, pulling in an average viewer rating of 15%.
Lizzy already managed to capture the attention of her male castmates with her country dialect and cute charm through her previous appearances on the show.
Source: KGB News
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via: allkpop

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