Selasa, 16 November 2010

An in-depth look at new girl group trio, BeBe Mignon

Female trio group BeBe Mignon released their mini-album, “All I Did Was Be Good to You,” on November 9th.
What caught the attention of most, however, was not their song, but their shortest member, Ben (who is 153cm). Their debut digital single, “I’m short, and not pretty…” is actually dedicated to Ben’s appearance.
Ben revealed, “I didn’t like my short height at first, but I think it’s rather charming now. I don’t even wear high heels anymore in my effort to show everyone who I really am. My profile height is my real height as well.. I feel bigger than I am when I sing so it’s okay! But just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m ugly… (laughter).
BeBe Mignon was a project group envisioned by Vibe’s Yoon Min Su, who wanted a female counterpart to ’4men.’ Although the girls had previous individual training before they came together as a group, their talents really began to shine under the personal supervision of Yoon Min Su and 4men’s vocalist Shin Yong JaeHae Geum, a dance major from ‘An Yang Arts High School’, once dreamed of becoming a performance-oriented singer while Park Ga Eul was formerly an acting trainee.
Regarding how they were different from their peers, Ben reflected, “We’re already different from standard idol groups because of our vocals, but we’re planning to reach out into different areas such as dramas, musicals, and variety programs in order to showcase our different talents.
Park Ga Eul concluded, “As we are a vocally talented idol group, we won’t be going with the standard trends and will be working towards opening the hearts of the public with our own unique style.
BeBe Mignon will be appearing on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” on November 19th for the first time.

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